Tuesday, May 23, 2006

THANK YOU!!!. . .

I have to admit that I cried this morning as Scott left to take Sandy and Farrel to Joburg where they flew out of tonight. It's been such a wonderful time having them here with us. Such a wonderful blessing. It made me realize just how blessed we are.

Not only do I have great inlaws, I have a mom who's always beleived in me. (Thank you , Mom!)

I have a wonderful sister with her great family who always encourage us.

Church familes who continue to support and pray for us.

Friends I chat with on line for encouragement not to mention those who give me great feedback on my writing.

Yes, this missionary life can get lonely and discouraging at times, but today, I am simply thankful.



A few more highlights from their visit

1 comment:

  1. GREAT pictures, Lisa!

    Aww, how sad that your in-laws left. I'm sorry--I know how much you savored their company.

    We are so blessed to know you (and get a sneak peek at your writing hehe).

    Love you!!