Friday, May 19, 2006


We enjoyed taking Scott's parents to an elephant training center for Sandy's birthday. This center is located about thirty minutes from our house. They take in elephants from game reserves that are overpopulated or where elephants are being culled and train them. They then are moved to game reserves where tourists can go on elephant safaris or simply interact with the animals. (These animals are never sent to circuses). We were able to ask tons of questions about the elephants, and the information was so interesting. I really enjoyed learning about these stunning animals as well as becoming aware of the problems that arise when the human population leave no room for these animals. For example, South Africa's land can support 11,000 elephants, yet there are 25,000 in the country.

On the way home we also went to see the world’s largest baobab tree. You can actually go inside the tree to where it used to be a pub.




  1. More ellies!!!!!!! Oh, I'm so drooling. So glad y'all get treats like this. :-D

  2. Hi Lisa
    Happened to get to your blog.
    Interesting life you have, serving the Lord there in Africa.
    Nice pictures as well.
    God bless