Wednesday, May 10, 2006


How many of you have never heard the story of creation? How God led the Israelites out of Egypt? Or how God sent His son to redeem mankind from sin? Tonight I studied with three people in our new cell group. Two are new Christians, but have little Biblical background except the saving message of Christ Jesus. Scott and I decided to start very basic with them. Tonight, we studied creation. I was blow away as I shared with them how God created the world. They all looked at me with broad smiles on their faces. None of them had ever heard the story from Genesis, and the excitement in their eyes made my heart sing. I was so humbled to share with them for the first time what an awesome Creator God we have. A God who loves us and planned from the beginning for us to be with Him. They had some fantastic questions, and I'm so excited to continue meeting with them. Their hunger is so great, it humbles me. Please pray for this small group as they grow and learn more about things we take for granted. One woman can't read and the language situation makes it interesting, but their enthusiasm makes up for any communication problems we might have!



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  1. What a beautiful post, Lisa!! Truly, may God show us what we are taking for granted and allow us a fresh and invigorating perspective. I am in awe of your experiences and ministry there!