Thursday, May 11, 2006


Scott is spending this week about fifteen minutes from our house at a church planting conference hosted partly by our ministry. Our goal is to help enable ministers to plant churches by equipping them with Biblical knowledge and church planting strategies as well as encouragement for their task.

I visited the conference center for lunch today with Scott’s parents and enjoyed so much seeing some of the church leaders I’ve grown to respect as well as meeting some of the people Scott works with throughout southern Africa for the first time.

People like Robert from the impoverished country of Malawi who’s been selling his furniture to help support the church and recently started a third church in a village where he and his wife personally support some orphans.

Shodankeh, who, with his wife, adopted three war orphans from his home country of Sierra Leone.

Joseph, who sells medicine in a small roadside pharmacy in northern Zambia to help support himself so he can preach the gospel.

Martin from western Zambia who left his people to minister to the Lozi tribe where only 4% of its people attend church of any kind.

Patrick who farms his fields by day to earn a living and spends the rest of his time sharing the good news of Christ as he leads a small village church.

I could see the joy on these men’s face as they not only leaned church planting methods, but were encouraged by the fellowship of one another. Praise God for the way He is working among His people!

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  1. Lisa, Thank you so much for sharing this. What a great reminder of what is truly important in this world. What a blessing you are!!

  2. hey Lisa! It's nice to "see" Scott and his parents again! May God bless those men you mentioned and the churches they serve.