Sunday, February 28, 2010

Supply Run

Every few months, we have to make a trip into South Africa for car maintenance, doctors appointments, and other necessities. This week, Scott went alone so the kids and I could continue with their quarterly exams. One of the best things about making these trips is the supply run. We never go to SA just to being back food items, but if we have to be there, we fill up coolers with meat and cheese and suitcases with pantry items.

For the most part, we've learned to live with what we can find here, but it's always nice to add a bit of variety to our dinner table. And there are a number of things, like milk and oil that are significantly cheeper on the other side of the border.

The kids were thrilled with the plums and pears, both fruits we can't get here, or if we do find them, they are outrageously expensive. Some of my favorites? Sour cream, cream cheese, tortillas, and Fritos (though only BBQ flavored).

What foods would you miss the most if you moved to another country? Mine is definitely Tex-Mex!

I had to throw in a photo of one of the kittens. They really are cute.


  1. Are you sure you really want to ask that question? You might start craving something. ;) But one thing I would miss is chocolate! Another would be pizza. I guess you could make pizza, but I don't know about chocolate though. Hmmm... Maybe I would be able to loose weight if certain foods weren't readily avaiable.

  2. I thought I would loose weight too. LOL But instead, I have fun experimenting with making my own pizza which is actually fun.(Though still not Pizza Hut!) And so you don't feel too sorry for me, we can get chocolate. :-)