Monday, February 08, 2010

She did it again ...

Apparently, our internet tech people have started turning off the internet over the weekend. For the past few weeks, it goes off about five on Friday then starts back Monday morning. The daunting part for me is waking up to a slew of emails that need to be caught up on, but since just having the internet is a blessings, (and there are plenty of other things that need to get done) I try not to think about it.

This weekend was another one of those very busy weekends. As some of you might remember, Mariah's cat had babies last September. After we gave away her kittens we scheduled an appointment with the vet to insure there were no more babies. But while I thought she'd stayed inside all that time, before the appointment with the vet it was clear she was pregnant again.

The one great thing about this time around, though, is that the kids are here to experience the kittens. (We were back in the States the last time.) And in fact, when she had the babies Friday night, she would cry if Mariah left her, so Mariah and Jayden were able to experience the birth first hand. (Like any good great-grandma, I slept through the births. :-))

We now have six new baby kittens and a very happy mom and grandma, aka Mariah.

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  1. Sooo cute!!! Congrats on the kittens!

  2. Thanks, Emma! While I wasn't thrilled with the idea of another batch of kittens, I admit we are having fun with them. :-)

  3. Precious mommie and babies.
    Blessings, andrea

  4. Anonymous5:37 PM

    Congrats on the kittens. They area adorable and the mama is beautiful. I have a rescue cat male, been fixed,stays inside but he's so fast sometimes it gets outside. He is so not a loving cat all black, the vet said most black cats are not loving, but mean. My grandchildren who found him call him the demon cat, he loves to hide and scare you. Blessings. tarenn98[at[yahoo[dot]com

  5. April, when we first moved here, we promised Mariah a cat, but of course there are no pet shopts. So we bought Patches from a neighbor for 50 cents. She was completely wild and Mariah cried and cried, wanting to give her back. After a short time, though, she turned into the sweetest, gentlest cat. We're all thankful for the happy ending. :-)

  6. How beautiful! Wish that I was able to take one off your hands. They are adorable. Unfortunately, my husband is allergic to cats. Not to mention we are on different continents. LOL! ;) How awesome it would be to watch the kittens come into this world.


  7. It was definitely an amazing experience that the kids won't forget for a long time!

  8. mama is beautiful,my daughter used to have a boy cat that looks so much like yours. She named him pretty boy, we had him fixed but he would get to wanting to go outside so bad, that we would let him out, and he would always come home but the last time he was gone a long time and then I was coming home and there he lay beside the road almost home. Like the old Jim Reeves song "He was 40 feet from his Mary Ann" but died in the snow.
    Oh by the way the babies are cute also, lol