Friday, February 05, 2010

Bountiful Harvest

One of the things I enjoy about living in Mozambique is the fresh produce. And while the variety isn’t huge, what we have is wonderful.

There are also certain of vegetables that we don't normally eat, so thanks to a number of you who sent me some mouth-watering eggplant recipes, tonight we’re adding eggplant, something readily found here, to the menu.

Above is a photo of some of this weeks finds, both in our yard and in the market. Avocados (finally in season!) guavas, from our tree and Jayden's favorite, eggplant, okra, and passion fruit (my personal favorite!).

Picking guavas from one of our trees on daddy's shoulders!

Do you have any favorite recipes that use vegetables like eggplant and okra? I'd love to hear from you!

Be blessed today!



  1. You are lucky to have okra. My garden didn't produce it well last year. Slice it up, toss on some cornmeal and salt, and fry until crisp is the best. You can also simmer it in tomatoes with onion until tender. Good in vegetable soup.

  2. Those sound wonderful. I love trying new recipes and new ingredients. Thanks for sharing!