Friday, March 20, 2009

Proposed cover for Blood Ransom

Here it is! The proposed cover for Blood Ransom, and I couldn't be happier with it

I find the process of publishing a book fascinating. While Blood Ransom is not expected to hit the shelves until the beginning of 2010, the Zondervan marketing team has already been hard at work. In January, I turned in a detailed file on my characters, story line, photo examples, and ideas I had for a cover. They took this information and started creating my cover. Everything has a purpose from the size of the font, to the red edging, to the weathered art that makes the book look like it's been carried around the world in a backpack.

This cover will now go to another committee for approval, then put into their catalogue so it can be sold to bookstores around the country before its release. And in the meantime, editing continues on the actual story. Right now, the book is in with my editor where it will go through a number of edits before it will be ready for the final printing, and I'm already hard at work on book two of the series.

So what do you think about the cover?




  1. wow! that is so cool. the book looks dangerous!

  2. Fernanda Martini8:25 PM

    It's really beautifull! I liked it!
    It's different from the others, and it's amazing...

  3. Anonymous5:09 PM

    Hi Lisa ~ The cover draws my eyes out into the lake, making me wonder why are the people, standing up, so out far in the boat, and why is her head down? Is she ashamed, or saddened?

    In other makes me SNOOPY! Should serve the purpose!

  4. Thanks for taking the time to share your comments! Glad you find the new cover intriguing!

    Thought I'd mention about the people standing in the boats. A common way to travel down the rivers is in small canoe-like boats called pirogues. Men balance on one end of the boat and steer with long poles as they go down the river.

    We once traveled down the swollen floodplains in Zambia where people live on the river and travel this way. It was incredible--like a scene out of National Geographic.

    In the story, Natalie and Chad are racing against time to get to the capital and this happens to be their transportation for one of the scenes. And yes, lots of suspense!

  5. Anonymous1:23 AM

    The cover looks beautiful! You always do such a great job! Hi from Searcy!

    Julie Allen