Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Name that Bunny winner. . .winners!

First, I want to to thank all of you for all of your wonderful responses--47 unique names in all--so Gabriel's bunny could find a name. We had so much fun reading through the names and making the tough choice. So, here are the top five choices--in random order--followed by the winner. . .um. . .winners.


Rascal E. Rabbit


Sir Hops-a-lot

Mao Tse Bun

And the winner is. . .Sir Hops-a-lot. Thanks to Erica AND Alene who both suggested the name Gabriel finally choose.
Please email me with your snail mail address and the title of one of my books you would like. You can find a list on my website.

I also wanted to thank you all for your sweet comments on my photo shoot. It ended up being a lot of fun.



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  1. Yay! I'm so glad the bunny has a name. The new hutch looks great.