Monday, March 16, 2009

Photo Shoot

With no photography studios within several hundred miles from where we live, Scott and I headed to the beach today to take photos for the back cover of my upcoming book with Zondervan.

Now considering the fact that I'm no professional model and Scott's not a professional photographer, I had my hesitation about my urgent need for a professional photo. The one thing going for me was that we have a great camera and photo editing abilities. Beyond that, I wasn't so sure.

First was make up and hair. Unlike other professional shoots where models have their own make up and hair team, I was left on my own. Both Jayden and Mariah offered to do my makeup, but I sweetly declined their offer of bright blue eyeshadow and headed into my bathroom that also doubles as a sauna in the heat.

Putting on make up is always a bit of a game. I put on some foundation, then run into the bedroom to the fan to dry the sweat. Back to the bathroom for eye shadow, back into the bedroom for the fan. You get the picture. By the time we were out the door, my face was drenched in sweat and my hair was already damp.

The next thing we had to think about was the wind at the beach. I sat on the sand with my face into the wind, hair blowing every direction, and my face "glowing."


Now you might be asking at this point, why in the world did I choose the beach for a photo shoot. Well, you have to understand that where we live there are no lovely landscaped parks, flower gardens, or photo worthy backdrops. The ocean is the one thing of beauty where we live and I knew that there were also a number of palms we might be able to use.

In the end, we took dozens of photos. Some of them will be deleted from my hard drive, never to see the light of day again, but there were a handful I actually liked. So a big thanks goes out to my knighted "professional" photographer hubby for saving the day.

Tomorrow I'll post the winner of my "name that bunny" contest. There were about 47 suggestions posted, and we've had so much fun picking out a name.



PS Above is one of the shots that made the final cut.


  1. I love the picture, Lisa.

  2. Anonymous3:28 PM

    I've wondered if some of the photos on your site were professional. And I'm sure your hubby did a good job. I look forward to your blogs, as they brighten my day and remind me that there is a world beyond "the Can."
    Donna Thornhill

  3. you look great Lisa! You haven't aged a bit!

    Julie Allen

  4. Lisa, love the photo. And the palms behind you add an exotic feel to the shot. Good job hubby.


  5. I agree that the palm fronds behind you strike just the right note for a book set in Africa. You look great!