Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Move over Richard Simmons. . .

. . .there’s a new exercise program in town!

With Thanksgiving and the holidays around the corner, I thought it would be the perfect time to talk about exercise. And I’ve found the perfect solution to your weight gain woes. All you have to do is move to Brazil, or some other country you’re unfamiliar with. (This can be done in your own country of origin at your own risk.)

Here are a few highlights of the program.

1. Get rid of that car. Walking everywhere is the perfect remedy to staying fit. Frequently getting lost will add even more time to the daily workout.

2. Grocery shop two or three times a week. With no car you have to walk to the store and carry what you purchase, which means you will have to go more often. Forget lifting weights. Carrying a few bags of eggs, fresh pineapples, and canned goods home will do the trick.

3. Get rid of the vacuum cleaner. Need to tone those floppy underarms? Thirty minutes a day of sweeping the carpet with a firm broom should do the trick.

4. No more dryer. It has recently been proven that hanging clothes on the line is just as effective as over-the-head free weights.

5. Make sure you choose a country with high humidity. You can lose several pounds a week just on water from all the sweating.

6. Try and avoid visits to the bakery. (see, we're not suffering too much!)

Enjoy the photos of our new town! Interclass is where we attend school.



  1. Lisa,

    My emails to you have been bouncing. Is there some way to connect besides reading your blog, which I do enjoy so much.

  2. Um, yeah Lisa? That whole foot and other mysterious thing in your last post would help me lose weight just fine thank you very much! LOL.

    I envy you the adventure, though! I've always wanted to visit Brazil.

    Paige Dooly