Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Final Snapshots

Standing outside in the late night air, crickets chirp, frogs croak. An unexpected summer rain comes quickly, showering the already green grass with moisture.

So this is it. One last day amid palm trees, banana plantations, and the bright blue African sky. One last day hearing the buzz of voices walk past the house, early misty mornings, and the colorful array of flowers dotting the countryside.

For now.

The prayers and encouragement from friends from both sides of the vast Atlantic have overwhelmed us, comforted us, and humbled us. God’s miracles have surrounded us like a shield, covered us with His grace, and reminded us that the journey we’re about to embark on is worth it.

Hold onto Him who is able to do more than we are even able to imagine.

(Internet is too slow for my final photo snapshots.)



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