Monday, November 26, 2007

From the mouth of babes. . .

It’s become a juggling act. Home schooling, language learning, book deadlines, and housework. Sometimes I feel as if I’ve been thrown into the spin cycle of a washing machine that’s off balance.

I knew these six months would be tough, and trust me, they are. Extremely. And wouldn’t you know, when I begin to lose perspective of why I’m here, it’s my children who manage to teach me what’s really important in life.

It was school time. A time that’s new for all of us. Mommy’s the teacher now. The kids have a new school room. Even the books are new and even exciting. Most of the time anyway. Still, it’s been a tough week. The excitement of the move is over and the realization that we now live thousands of mile from our friends and pets has begun to sink in.

On Friday, Mariah was tired of school and wanting to return to South Africa. She was frustrated with me, and I was even more frustrated with her. I wanted to scream, but she was crying. It was one of those Oh Lord, give me patience NOW moments!

I went back to my desk to give her some space, and in realty to give myself some space. I couldn’t help but wonder again what I’d gotten myself into. Why in the world did I ever think that I can teach three precious kids about science, parts of speech, and mathematics? All while trying to learn another language, meet editor deadlines, and manage to keep my house fairly clean.

That’s when the lesson came. While I was whining to myself--and to God--Gabriel walked over to his sister, put his hand on her shoulder and told her he was going to pray for her. Which is exactly what he began doing. I couldn’t hear what he said, but that didn’t matter. His gentle, love spirit reminded me what was important in life.

Family. . .Relationships. . .Patience. . .Forgiveness. . .

And I was humbled.

It’s so easy to get caught up in the moment. To get mad at the checkout clerk who’s too slow, the accountant who made a mistake on our bill, or the child who didn't make their bed.

When all they might need is a kind word, an act of kindness, a forgiving heart, a second chance.

Didn't Jesus himself gave each one of us a second chance for eternal life when he gave us his own life?



Christmas in Brazil is in the air!

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