Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Water Well Dedication

For those of you who have followed the frustrations we've had in digging a water well in Massavana over the past two years, I'm so excited to share that the village now has water!

A big thanks to those who have generously given to make this possible. Here is a short video with some of the highlights from Sunday as we had a church service followed by the dedication of the well. The weather was cold and rainy, but even that didn't dampen the joy that was felt that morning.

On other quick note, this week is our annual English Camp that is being run by a team from Sugar Land, Texas. Ricardo from Brazil is leading the worship time. There are forty-three campers and staff and things are off to a great start. Gabe and Mariah are there with Scott and are loving it. Please pray for the campers, that their lives might be deeply touched by God this week.




  1. Having lived on a farm where a well went dry, I can understand the frustrations of finding a spot for a well. Congratulations! I'm sure the people are excited!

  2. They are very excited, Linda, as this is a huge blessing for them!