Friday, July 08, 2011

Don't try this at home

I recently was held up on my way home. And no, I don't mean a car jacking, or traffic jam, or an accident. It was...well for a lack of a better term...a coconut crossing. A young man had scaled a tree and was dropping coconuts onto the ground from the top of one of the trees onto the narrow dirt road in front of me.

I've always found it fascinating to watch them climb these trees, so here's a short video showing you how. But please don't try this at home!


(PHOTO: Selling coconuts on the side of the road)


  1. It amazes me how they do that, Lisa. Always has. I think he had fun doing that for your video clip. LoL

  2. I'm sure he enjoyed it! And yes, it amazes me too. You wouldn't catch me trying to climb one. :-)