Friday, May 21, 2010

This in that...

I've been stuck in New York City in the 1920's this week as I've been doing research for my current novel for Summerside Press, and I have to say, it's been a blast. This was the time of gangsters, prohibition, flappers, the golden era of ocean liners, and molded Jello-salads. And what's given it a challenging twist is that my heroine grew up in Africa so much of what she sees and experiences is completely new to her.

Stop back soon, as I'm going to be posting about a fun recipe contest giving you the chance for both a mention in the book, and a copy of Oceans Apart when it is released early next year.


Scott left yesterday with a team of 6 and traveled about three hours south of here to David's home village of Zongoené to show the Jesus film and to follow up on several new Christians as a result of David's testimony at his sister's funeral last month. Scott and the others will be teaching and ministering to people during the day, and then showing the Jesus film at night through next Monday or Tuesday. Please pray for Scott, Luiz, David, José, Crémildo, and Isaias as they minister there.


Janelle asked for me to post an update on Allen (Scott's uncle and our co-workers here in Africa for many years) and for your continued prayers on some specific requests. Allen left the rehabilitation hospital and is staying with Janelle at the home of dear friends. He will be having important appointments this week coming week at MD Anderson, including the MRI to evaluate the status of his brain tumor. Please pray for them as they receive this news.

In the last several months, Allen has shown a lot of determination and focus as he has learned to stand and walk again, but these still remain difficult tasks. After his appointments at MD Anderson he will return to a different rehabilitation facility with more nursing support. The family would also love your prayers as Janelle makes these choices.


I've received quite a few emails from people recently who've read Blood Ransom. If you've read it, I've love to hear your thoughts! Drop me a line.

Be blessed today!


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