Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Summer Giveaway Winner!

We are finally home after a couple weeks of travel and boy is it good to be back!

After taking the Katy Team through Kruger Game Park for a day then on to the airport, we spent a couple days resting then it was on to doctors and dentist appointments, car repairs, clothes for the kids (Gabe has grown about 4 inches in the past six months!) and a number of other errands we have to do in South Africa. The car took longer than we'd hoped (like always) but we've now jumped back into school and our schedule.

Thanks to all of you who left a comment on my Summertime giveaway! Congrats to Julie J who won one of Della's baskets and a copy of Blood Ransom! In case you missed the link to Dela's Corner, you can find more great baskets and homemade items to benefit the work in West Africa on her facebook page here.

Enjoy the photos of our time in Kruger!



  1. Congrats to Julie! Way to go!!!

    I love the photos, Lisa, especially mama and "wee" elephant. ahahhahaa! At least to her, it's wee...

  2. I agree. That baby is the sweetest little thing! :-)