Thursday, May 13, 2010

Katy Team Photo Journey

It's always such a joy to host the special mission teams that join us throughout the year. I want to voice a special thanks to the Katy team who was with us last month. It was truly a blessing for our family and for the people they spent time with in the villages. Here's a photo journey from some of the highlights of their time with us. We love and miss you, Katy Team!

Be blessed today,



  1. Ruth Ann Dell8:41 AM

    Lisa thanks for the photo journey- happiness and joy radiate from so many of the photos.

    May you be blessed too.

  2. That's what I see as well, Ruth. Their spirit-filled joy!

  3. Anonymous2:40 PM

    It is absolutely amazing to see the Love of God shining on the faces of everyone!! The spirit of God was surely present. Thanks for sharing.
    - Jeanne Corrigan