Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Happy Birthday Mariah!

It's been a busy week for us between ministry and family. To celebrate Mariah's 11th birthday, we headed for the beach yesterday after school to spend the night and enjoy some family time together. We ended up having a great time playing Rumicub, swimming, and just relaxing, then Luiz and Fernanda joined us for lunch.

Scott and Gabriel were also able to go diving. This was to finish up Gabe's last dive before he is certified. He also had to swim 300 meters to shore and was excited because he beat his instructor to shore!

Friday, Saturday, and Sunday were spent in the village of Magola where Scott and the Christians showed the Jesus film two nights. While there weren't a lot of people who showed up on Sunday, we were excited to hear that one of the Christians in the village has invited four of the fisherman he works with to the weekly study tomorrow.

And lastly, on the writing side of things, I found out that Blood Ransom will be available as an audio book which I'm really excited about.

I was able to work with the narrator on pronunciation for some of the African names and enjoyed seeing a little bit of what goes on behind the scenes. (Both the audio book and regular book are open for pre-orders online.)

I also found out that Love Finds You in Revenge, Ohio just went into a second printing!




  1. Lisa,
    What a beautiful young woman Mariah is becoming! She is so blessed to grow up in a family who spends there lives sharing Jesus with others. Please give her hugs from us and congrats on the books! I love your writing:)
    love ya,

  2. Mariah was so happy to hear from you! We love you guys! (And I'm so glad you are enjoying my books!)