Saturday, January 09, 2010

African Summer

If you've been following me on Facebook or Twitter, you've probably caught on that it's hot here. Very hot! Summer is in full swing with everyone swimming in the bay and enjoying time off from school.

One of the things I love about summer is the flowers, and we are really enjoying our wall of flowers in the back yard. The kids spend a lot of time out there, playing in the sprinkler to get relief from the heat, and we've started eating dinner up on the roof after dark to catch a bit of a breeze.

Most days, not even a fan is enough to ward away the heat, so we are extra thankful for three friends from South Africa who have come this weekend to completely redo the wiring in the house. While the house we moved into has a couple air conditioners, we don't have enough power to run them. So we're hoping that we'll soon have that problem remedied so we can cool down the house.

I'll post some photos of the work that's happening later this weekend. Thanks for your hard work gentlemen! We're forever grateful!!

Be blessed today,



  1. Beautiful flowers/pictures! You are in the midst of a very hot summer while we are in the midst of a very cold winter...I awoke yesterday morning to a dusting of snow. It, too was beautiful.

  2. I am impressed by the picture of flowers on your blog. Header image of your blog looks great. keep up the good work. Enjoyed your blog very much.

  3. So glad you enjoy the photos! Thanks for stopping by.

  4. What a gorgeous reminder of our summers here, while we are in the deepfreeze of winter! Thanks for sharing!!!

  5. Glad you enjoyed them, Carmen!

  6. Hooray for air conditioning. Praising God with you for cool air. Love the flower pics.

  7. Glad you like the photos, Patty. We are really enjoying the yard.