Sunday, January 03, 2010

Out of the Ashes

Today in Inhambane, four children from the same family died while swimming in the bay. Several weeks ago we reported that there had been a fire in which eight families lost everything. Pain and suffering seem all too common here in Africa.

After Scott shared on being the “salt and light” to one of our disciple groups, they talked about how they could actively become that salt and light in their community. One idea was to visit these suffering families who lost everything in the fire and see how they might help them. First, clothing was collected and distributed to those in need. Supplies were also purchased to help rebuild their homes. Then several of the disciples went to do the actual construction of the houses. After each work day or visit, those who went would gather around the people to share a message from the Bible before praying for each of the families.

At the same time, David Cuna who is the leader of the house church, moved into a new home where he quickly became friends with a couple young men living in the same compound. When they heard where he was going, they decided to go and help the disciples rebuild the houses. As a result, they too began hearing the good news of Jesus.

Today, three of the ladies who lost everything in the fires were baptized. Casilda, a widow, is 40 and the oldest in the group was baptized along with Ana, her 14-year-old granddaughter. Percina, a 17 year old who has no father and who’s mother left her to care for her siblings while she works in South Africa, was also baptized. Finally, the two young neighbors of David, Erdio and Gito, who are both 23, are also baptized. Before the baptism, Gito, who was a Muslim, cried openly as he freely confessed his sins and faith in Jesus.

Today there was much sadness in the city over the four children who drowned in the water, but there was rejoicing in heaven over the five people were born again as they were baptized. Out of the ash heaps of the fire, came hope, joy, and rebirth.


  1. Praying for these families and so many more who are hurting...praying for both you and scott as you continue to minister to this people group.

  2. How exciting! Thanks for sharing. Much to be in prayer about.

  3. Lisa,
    It is these types of blogs that humble me and make me realize how trivial my pursuits in life really are. Would you be willing to allow me to post this on my blog - giving you full credit? I believe this would add prayer warriors for you, Scott and your ministry.


  4. Thanks you so much for your continued prayers for these beautiful people. Please feel free to post this on your blog, Edwina. It's a blessing for us to know that many are praying!

  5. Lisa,
    Praying for you guys and all the families mentioned. My heart just cries for their pain and I'm so thankful you are there to minister to them. We love you and will keep praying.

  6. Anonymous5:23 PM

    How wonderful. Thanks for sharing. You guys are in our prayers. Blessings. tarenn98[at]yahoo[dot[com

  7. Thanks for rejoicing with us and for your prayers as well. Be blessed today!

  8. Anonymous1:04 AM

    Hello Lisa, the peace of Jesus Christ be with you and family!
    Beautiful work, that God the Father will give you all the action to continue working in the life of the people, so humble and needy.
    Dear happy 2010 to you and family!