Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Update on Allen

Here is the latest update on Allen from Janelle. Thank you so much for keeping him in your prayers!

Dear friends and loved ones, those who support us in prayer.

I would like to give you some specific things to pray for with Allen. We are here in Wheaton with the children and Allen has done a lot of resting. But there are some things that have begun to give problems in his recovery from the radiation.

1. The fatigue has deepened as we have been here "resting". He has trouble climbing stairs, even just dressing and preparing for the day. Just these types of simple things leave him breathless and exhausted. Please pray that this will lift and he will regain his strength.

2. As a result of his fatigue, he has been breathing very shallowly. Now his chest has begun to hurt him and we fear that part of his lungs are collapsing because of lack of use. Please pray that he will have the strength to inflate his lungs and that health will return.

3. He also is having much trouble with his legs. They go into periods of cramping and it is very painful. This is particularly when he is asleep, which disturbs his sleep an can leave him tired from lack of sleep, as well as the fatigue.

But praise God:

1. He began having a problem with double synapses during the last week of radiation, where the brain would record things again, as though they happened twice of three times. But they had only happened once. Just in the last several days, this has really improved. We believe it is God's hand on the swelling of the brain and bringing down the irritation. We rejoice to see this getting better. Praise God for the improvement, that ask God that it will continue to improve.

Thank you again for all your prayers and expressions of love and concern. We praise God for each one of you who pray for us. God has heard your prayers - that's why I wanted you to pray about these specific things!

May the Lord shine his face on each of you today (and tomorrow and the next day!). :)

Janelle (and Allen)

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  1. Prayers for healing, restoration, peace, and comfort sent your way.
    Blessings, andrea

    PS: Eating banana's may help his leg cramps. He may need the potassium. Just a suggestion!