Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Leavin' on a jet plane ...

As I sit at my sister's kitchen table (after staying up talking way too late :-)) our hearts are full and ready to return home. God has done so many amazing things on a trip that wasn't even supposed to happen.

We're grateful to so many people for making our stay such a blessing. The wonderful people at Sugar Creek and their awesome youth group and staff, our new friends at Katy who we now feel as if we've known forever, our incredible board, and all the friends and family we were blessed to see along the way. Thank you to each one of you who loaned us cars, took us out to eat, loved on our children, gave us a date night, and encouraged our hearts through prayer, phone calls, emails, and FB and blog comments. :-) We love you all!

We continue to lift up Allen in our prayers, and while it's hard to leave him and Janelle at this point, we know that Allen would want us back in Africa continuing the work that he's given over forty years of his life to. I've been humbled by your prayers and words of encouragement as we've walked with them through this difficult journey.

In the end, we look ahead to the coming year with great joy that God is going to do more than we ask or imagine. To Him be the glory!




  1. Praying for safe travel and the family you leave behind.
    Blessings and hugs, andrea

  2. Hi Lisa, I'm so glad your visit here was so productive and blessed. I've awarded you with a Kreativ Blogger Award. When you get settled in again, stop by my blog and take a look! Hugs, Deborah V.

  3. Travel safe. I dream of going on a missions trip to Africa.

    God bless you.