Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Playing Chicken

After almost hours of driving, we finally made it home. The scariest part was playing chicken with semi-trucks coming toward us on the torn up rode with only one potholed lane, and a shoulder that was as rough as the potholes. (video clip below) The best part, according to the kids, was the new gas station with sparkling clean bathrooms and finding Guarana, their favorite soft drink from Brazil.

The kids could hardly wait to get home as puppies, kitties and rabbits were waiting for them. The puppies, as you can see, are absolutely adorable. We hadn’t even seen photos of them, so it was fun to meet them for the first time. The kittens were a bit less sociable as I can attest to with scars on my hands from trying to pick up one. It will take a couple days to tame them, but until then, they have taken over my living room. (I admit, though, they are cute!)

We also came home to meet David and Emily’s little Scott. What a sweetheart. The only bad thing was one, the heat, which was expected (even at ten o’clock at night) and two, the house has been without water for a week. It’s only our house, so Scott and Luis are filling up buckets from the neighbors.

Tomorrow will be another busy day as we begin to get Luis and Fernanda settled in their new house. It’s such a huge blessing to have them here! And while I'm a bit overwhelmed as to just how much has to be done, including getting our water working, and unpacking, finishing a book, and starting another school year, we're so excited to see what God has planned in the days and weeks ahead!

I'm ready to crash, so night all!



  1. Glad you got home safe! Praying for the water situation.
    Blessings, andrea

  2. :)) After watching that video, perhaps "I'm ready to crash" isn't the best phrase!

    The puppies are adorable!

  3. How wonderful... all kinds of baby critters. Welcome home, friend. Rest well.

  4. Thank you! It's so nice to be home! And you're right, Erica. After yesterdays trip, ready to crash probably wasn't the best phrase. LOL