Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Sunset in Swaziland

Someone reminded me today that I hadn't updated for a few days, so I thought I write a quick post. Things have been hectic here as I try to keep up with school, keep the kids on a semi-normal schedule, and do all the "extra" things we need to do. The kids are doing well and are enjoying making new friends.

One of the extra things was my first live radio interview today. It turned out to be a lot of fun and not near as scary as I expected. :-) I'll post a link if they put the interview in an archive.

Thank you so much for your prayers for Allen. He finished the last of his chemo and radiation today. The doctors expected him to be flat on his back during this last week, and yet once again, God stepped in and he's been up and around, and doing well. They have three weeks of rest with family, before returning to Houston to reevaluate what the next step is. Please continue keeping him in your prayers in the coming week!

Lastly, I'll be holding another fun contest (think chocolate) the beginning of November, so drop back soon!




  1. Congratulations on the interview, Lisa. I hope they let you post it; I'd love to hear it!

    Will keep praying for Allen. God is faithful.

    When I read "chocolate," I shout "Amen! I'll be back."

  2. Thanks, Jeanette, and thank you especially for your prayers for Allen. And let me clarify, when I say "chocolate" I mean some of the best, melt in your mouth, delicious chocolate you can find. LOL

  3. I look forward to hearing your radio interview!

    And chocolate? I'm there!

    Wonderful news about Allen.