Friday, October 16, 2009

And the winner is...

Before I announce the winner, I have to say I was thrilled by the response to my latest giveaway and loved reading your great beauty tips. Thanks for sharing!

I used to draw the winner to keep things fair and square, so drumroll now please...

The winner of the Swazi Secret gift basket is Muttlets1mom!

Congratulations! Please contact me at with your snail mail address.

If you didn't win, please stop by my blog again soon as I'll be holding monthly giveaways for the next few months including my yearly Taste of Africa Basket, and a Christmas surprise you won't want to miss!

Here are your Beauty Tips:

1. My tip is to drink alot of water and always use moisturizer w/sunscreen

2. Drink lot's of pure water and stay active! Oh and deal quickly with stress!

3. Best beauty tip is to drink plenty of water and get plenty of rest, limit sun exposure and use a good sunscreen.

4. Beauty tip: never use soap to cleanse your face. Way to drying. I use Aveeno foaming face cleanser with feverfew, which is good for my face.-Carmen

5. My favourite beauty tip for shiny, strong, and overall gorgeous hair is to dampen it slightly with warm water, then to massage a bit of olive oil into it right before bed, braid it, put a towel over your pillow and sleep like that, wash it out thoroughly the next morning.-Alison

6. My natural beauty secret is to use olive oil as a make-up remover.

7. I work out an hour a day and try to eat healthy.

8. A natural beauty secret I use is resting cool cucumber slices on my erases the dark circles and sometimes even removes my headaches!-Lora

9. I have used olive oil and almond oil to slather my body in after bathing! My body soaks it up in no time!-Annie

10. I spritz witch hazel on pimples-Megan

11. My favorite natural beauty remedy is to make a face and body scub made out of olive oil, sugar, and aloe vera. It's really moisturizing, and it clears up blemishes as well. -Janette

12. 1)Don't sun tan--nothing ages your skin more.
2)Avoid using harsh soaps and chemicals on your face, and lastly,
3)Look at your mom, grandma, and aunts. If you come from a good-skin gene pool, the chances are you'll have great skin too (if you don't abuse your skin).-Janice

13. My skin really improved when i started using oil (jojoba) or shea butter to moisturize.-Mim

14. A natural beauty tip that I follow is too drink plenty of water to hydrate your skin. -Lee



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