Friday, October 02, 2009

More Rejoicing!

Here's a message from Scott.

"Today at the English Club, Ernesto said he wanted to be baptized today when he learned others were yesterday. Then Lionel ask why he couldn't too. So, after the study, we went down to the water and baptized them.

Sure love these guys! God is doing some wonderful things in their lives. Just wanted to share, Scott"

Scott and the kids leave tomorrow to pick up some things at Allen and Janelle's in SA, then onto the airport to fly out on Sunday. Please keep them in your prayers, along with David and Emily who will be keeping up the studies while we are gone.



English Club

Ernesto and Lionel with Scott

Bay at sunset

Little Scott (I just had to include another photo)


  1. Praising GOD with you!
    Little Scott is adorable!

    Blessings and prayers, andrea

  2. I guess I'm posting photos like a grandma, aren't I? LOL

  3. What a blessing to see the tangible fruits of your efforts in Africa. And such a blessing to read about them. Thank you for posting. The people in the photos look so joyful, and the baby is adorable.

  4. Lisa,
    It is such a blessing to see the work that you and Scott doing in Africa! I love the photo of Ernesto and Lionel! The joy of the Lord is so evident on their faces! Praise God!


  5. That was the best part, Edwina. Those expressions of joy! Thanks for celebrating with us!

  6. Anonymous2:30 AM

    Thanks you guys for allowing God to work though you!!! You are a blessing to many and God is glorified!! So glad Scott and the two children will be joining you and Gabriel!!
    My love to you all...and a round of hugs!! Blessings, Lila

  7. And thank you, Lila, for your constant encouragement!