Thursday, April 16, 2009

Stuck again. . .

We headed out early this morning for Pretoria with plans to hit the mall and maybe a movie before Gabe had a doctor's appointment. About two hours from Tzaneen, we heard a loud clunk. Scott thought we'd blown a tire, but after pulling over, everything looked fine, except we once he started driving again, he couldn't shift past third gear.

Scott called the mechanic who'd fixed the car the day before, but he didn't know what was wrong. The clunking continued. Something was definitely wrong. Next he called our normal mechanic who's closer to the Mozambique boarder, but we were four hours away from him and not sure if we'd even make it to the capital. Scott again explained the problem and he immediately knew what had happened. Apparently, when the seal was fixed on the car the day before, they knocked off something that had to do with the gear box so we couldn't shift higher than third. It has to be fixed, but it's not serious.

Much relieved we went on to the mall, did a bit of shopping (by then it was too late for a movie) made Gabriel's doctor's appointment and headed three more hours to where our mechanic is without any more problems. (Thankfully this is on the way to Mozambique.) A friend found us a mission guest house where we can stay and tomorrow the car goes back into the shop.

The only sad thing is that I'm only forty miles from the game park with no car. We're planning to catch a ride to the mall and watch a couple movies, a big treat for the kids, and head home on Saturday.



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