Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Baboon Attack

We've always been cautious around baboons as they can be quite aggressive. They also think they can get a free meal because of tourists who break the law and feed them. We actually saw this happen while we were there this time. It's no wonder, then, when a car drives up, that they are curious as to what they can get.

On one of the dirt roads, we came across a large troop lounging in the road. They were extremely active, playing and jumping around, but they also had the road completely blocked which meant we had to stop. We had our windows rolled down and were taking pictures until one jumped onto our car. Frantically, we rolled up our windows, and before we knew it, we had baboons jumping all over the top of our car, rough housing on the roof, spying at us on the hood, and staring at us from the spare tire in back. We were finally able to drive away, still a bit unsure if we had company on top.

While we knew they couldn't get in, it was still a bit unsettling. One thing that did amaze me, was the love the mommas showed their babies. It was precious.

The next day, we passed another large troop and let me tell you, none of us waited to roll up our windows as we drove on by.


  1. Lisa, that is so scary!! I am not a big fan of monkeys on cars--we had that happen to AW and I when we were in Zimbabwe. Scary!! The boys just walked over now and they did like the pictures though! I must say you have gotten some amazing pictures of animals!! The lions are my favorite!! :)

  2. I've always loved watching them interact, but I'm going to be extra careful next time we're around them. Even scarier was when we left the lions and saw a herd of elephant coming toward the road. Then we realized that they were charging. . .the entire herd! Scott floored it and we barely got out of the way.

    By the time I managed to get my camera up they were gone. Still have no idea what set them off. We could here them trumpeting for quite a while afterward in the distance.

    I'm glad the boys enjoyed the photos. Despite the couple scary moments, it's still by far my favorite place to go. I still have a few more to post.

  3. I love, love your African blog. The photo shots are beautiful.

  4. Thanks so much for stopping by!! Glad you're enjoying my blog.