Monday, April 13, 2009

Prayer update

We arrived about midnight last night to my aunt's house where we will be staying. Scott finally talked to our doctor on the phone (we've been trying unsuccessfully to reach him all week). He said that his symptoms seemed to be a classic case of Tick Fever and we can start treatment as soon as it is verified. Scott went to a funeral out in the bush two weeks ago and has a bite on his leg (we thought it was an infected mosquito bite) so the timing makes sense.

Scott will be meeting with our doctor this morning for blood work to verify what's wrong. He didn't seem worried and it's not contagious, both good things. Praise God for a close friend who's a doctor and is willing to come in on his day off!

We're also having car trouble, but since today's a holiday we can't take it in until tomorrow. Otherwise, we are all well. The kids have cable TV here, and since we don't have TV in Mozambique, it's a treat for them. We will also try and do some schoolwork, though the kids aren't too excited about that. LOL

I'll be updating my Twitter regularly. You can sign up on my blog (on the right hand side) or just check them on the side of my blog.

Thanks for all your prayers, emails, and blog comments! They are a blessing.


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