Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Lions and tigers and bears. . .

On our way through South Africa, we stopped for two days at Kruger Game park to share one of our favorite places with Luis and Fernanda as well as some much needed rest for me.

We had an incredible time in the park. A lion walked past my open car window--close enough for me to touch. My heart pounded for at least thirty minutes afterward! We also saw two cheetahs, a couple dozen rhino, elephant, giraffe, buffalo. . .

I'll be putting a slide show together later, as well as the video of the pride of lions soon, but for now, here's a couple of our close encounters.

More later!


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  1. Elephants!!!!!! How kewl is that. I wish you would've touched that lion--you could tell us what the mane feels like. Okay, yeah, true, you might not have had a hand after that, but girl! Research! LOL Just kidding. This sounds like a blast. someday...when I get to come visit you, take me on a safari, okay? :-D