Saturday, September 13, 2008

Guests from Brazil!

Some of you might recognize Luis and Fernanda from posts I made earlier in the year while we were in Brazil. Luis and Fernanda married three weeks ago and have come here for a visit to help in their decision on whether or not God is calling them to join our ministry here in Mozambique.

Both of them have a heart for ministry and serving God and we are really enjoying time to renew our friendship with them.

Because this year has been so crazy, Scott and I never celebrated our birthdays. Emily and Rosie missed out on having a birthday cake as well, so I finally made the promised chocolate birthday cake for all of us and we sang "Happy Birthday." Because of wedding plans, Fernanda missed celebrating her birthday as well, so here's a photo of all of us celebrating our birthdays this week No one minded the excuse for a bunch of chocolate! Especially Rosie.



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