Thursday, September 11, 2008

A brand new look. . .

I didn't actually plan to give my blog a makeover. All I'd planned to do was add a photo, but before I knew it I'd somehow agreed to a newer version that would make it easier for me to post.


Now I've become fairly proficient with HTML, but I ended up spending an entire day--and time I didn't have--figuring out how to drag and paste all the elements I lost in the changeover. To be honest,though, I really do like the new look.

It's been another busy week as always. We've had some power outages which led to the candlelight Monopoly game in this photo which turned out to be a lot of fun.

Our second round of guests arrive today. Luis and Fernanda from Brazil will be here for two and a half weeks as they decided if they want to join the work here full time. Please pray for them as we show them Mozambique and they pray about their decision.

More later,


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