Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Too close for comfort. . .

One of the positive things about all the traveling we do is the educational benefits that go along with it. When we were in Brazil, we studied the Amazon, then went for a visit. We've studied birds and animals at the game park, and flew over Victoria Falls and learned about one of the most incredible falls in the world.

There are a few things though, that I'd rather not study quite so up close.

A couple of weeks ago dozens of blue bottle jelly fish showed up in the tide. I made the kids get out of the water, but let them study one without touching it. At home, we surfed the internet to find out more about them. One thing I learned, was that vinegar would help ease the pain of a jelly fish sting--just in case--so I decided to start carrying vinegar in my beach bag. Well, sure enough, this week, Gabriel was stung. The good thing was that vinegar really does help with the pain of a sting and it didn't turn out to be serious, though I certainly had hoped we wouldn't have to find it out first hand!

The photo above is a storm coming in along the coast. If you look carefully at the photo you can see a rainbow. Below is a photo of the moon I took from our front yard.

UPDATE ON MY MOM: She went to the surgeon and her leg is healing well with no infection! She's continuing with the physical therapy and gaining strength as well as mobility even though she can't put any weight on the leg for another few weeks. Thanks for your continued prayers!



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