Monday, August 25, 2008

Never a dull moment. . .

It's been a good but hectic weekend. Four of our supporters from Houston arrived on Friday for a week long visit. We are enjoying so much having them here with us.

We went to visit several house churches yesterday. The first photo is across the bay in Maxixe. The second is at David's house, just behind our house.

And of course, I've come to expect the unexpected.

Our gas bottle ran out of gas as I was in the middle of cooking dinner for eleven. Thanks to my small electric double burner stove, we were able to cook on the floor. (Thank you Nancy for your help!) Because there is apparently a shortage of gas, we are unable to buy a second bottle which leads to it running out while I was cooking.

Next, the dryer went out. We thought the problem was fixed thanks to the help of all the men (even if temporarily, until we get the new part) but this morning the belt broke, so now we're back to line drying again.

The kids are off to the beach while I stay home and catch up on grading for school, working my next deadline, and enjoying a bit of quiet.



PS. One of my subscribers to my blog told me today that not all of the posts arrive in her email box. If you're having that problem as well, I'd like to know so I can find out what to do about it. You can email me privately here. Thanks!

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  1. Oh man! Reading your posts reminds me not to complain. LOL Girl, I am praying for you and everyone there!!