Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Good-bye Pricilla

No, no one died, or even really left. It's just that it's not always easy saying good-bye to someone. . .even when it's a character from a book.

Okay, maybe it sounds a bit crazy, but when I turned in my the third and last manuscript for my Cozy Crumb mystery series this past weekend, I have to admit that I was a little sad. It's been so much fun to write about Pricilla and her quirky adventures that always manage to get her into trouble as she tries to solve a murder mystery.

For those of you who missed the first book in the series, it kicked off with Recipe for Murder. Pricilla Crumb, a superb cook and articulate hostess, plans an informal buffet for her son, but the dinner party turns to chaos when a guest is found dead after sampling one of her salmon-filled tartlets. Pricilla’s determination to save her reputation and find out the truth begins her unofficial career as a novice detective.

Book two, Baker's Fatal Dozen, comes out this month and is just as quirky and fun. Get ready to cook up a second helping of Pricilla Crumb and her hilarious schemes to serve up justice. When Reggie Pierce, who runs Pricilla Crumb’s favorite bakery, is found dead, Pricilla finds herself hot on the trail of another sticky scandal that begins with murder.

So if you love a good mystery, be on the lookout for Baker's Fatal Dozen. You can order a copy directly from me here or check out the official Heartsong Presents: Mystery site. The club offers four books every six weeks for a fantastic price of only $13.99.

And once again, I'll be holding a contest in my upcoming newsletter. If you haven't signed up, do it now because I'll be drawing THREE names from the subscribers list toward the end of this month. Each winner will receive copies of BOTH Recipe for Murder and Baker's Fatal Dozen.
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UPDATE ON MY MOM: She's now in an transitional facility where she will receive therapy for her leg. She will be there for the next couple of weeks. Thank you so much for your prayers and emails!



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  1. Oh, I know. I cried when I finished my 3rd mystery, The Perils of Peaches. It was hard to say goodbye to those characters. :) I'm glad your mom is progressing along. :)