Wednesday, January 16, 2008

New Friends

Early Monday morning, at two a.m. a couple of cars decided to park outside our bedroom window, block traffic, and throw a block party. For an hour they talked, cars hooted, and cell phones beeped. An hour or so later, we finally found out why when a tow truck showed up, making more noise then the block party.

Even a sleepless night, though, couldn't take away from wonderful experience we had on Sunday. One of the things we've been looking for is a small home cell where we can participate in worship and build relationships with some Brazilians. Last week, we'd invited a Brazilian couple over for supper who are apart of a group of house churches. She called us Sunday night to see if she could drop by for a visit with one of their leaders who wanted to meet us.

About an hour later she arrived with nine members of their home cell. They'd come to meet us, encourage us, and worship with us. I was completely overwhelmed by the wonderful fellowship as we praised God together in Portuguese. This group, fellow Christians we barely knew, made us feel a part of their family.

This group is passionate about Christ and are currently working in an area between here and Sao Paulo to start more house churches. They have offered to give us a ride on Sundays so we can be apart of one of the small groups, worship with them, and form relationships.

This is a huge answer to prayer for us and will dramatically help with our language learning as well.



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  1. Lisa and Scott, I want to share with you this blog
    Pam is a friend of mine from Powell, She and husband Phill have been serving in your part of the world. I told her about you, they were home around the first of the year.