Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Never say never. . .

Nine months ago, I never considered moving to Mozambique let alone learning Portuguese. In fact, when we moved to South Africa four years ago, I specifically told Scott how glad I was to be moving to another primarily English speaking country because I wasn't going to learn another language. Studying both French and an African tribal language had taught me that language learning simply isn't one of my gifts.

Obviously God had other things in mind.

So I never imagined moving to Mozambique, studying Portuguese in Brazil. . .or home schooling.

Yes, homeschooling. While I can see the advantages, I've always believed that I'm not patient enough or experienced enough to teach three kids, in three different grades, let alone attempt to teach my youngest to read.


Hmmm. . .Like I just said, God must have had other things in mind.

Because here I am living in Brazil, learning Portuguese, and home schooling. And I have to admit the small amount of pride that swelled this week as Jayden started first grade. After weeks of working together he's reading!

Never say never. God just might surprise you!



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