Wednesday, June 13, 2007

What's for dinner?

You might find this store a bit lacking compared to your local Walmart. It's pretty typical, though, of a lot of stores in rural Africa. I noticed a few other interesting things today as I drove the kids home from school. Security guards at the front gate, army personal in front of the hospital, and only a handful of uniformed students walking home from classes.

What does it all mean? A labor strike across the country including services like schools, hospitals, and even transportation. Thankfully, there were no marches today in our area that I heard of, nor any other serious problems nearby. There have been a number of difficulties in other areas though, so please pray that the problems will be resolved quickly.

So, back to what’s for dinner. I had to share a great dinner idea we had a couple weeks ago at a friends house. Pancakes. But I’m not talking your typical American pancake with syrup. No, because their pancakes are what we would call crepes. They would call our pancakes flapjacks.

Confused? I’ll make it simple. Whip yourself up a batch of crepes and lay out bowls of fillings including grated cheese, meats, sautéed vegetables and mushrooms,and your favorite sauces. . .the possibilities are endless. Add your own savory fillings as well.

Roll them up and you’re ready for dinner!



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  1. Oh that sounds yummy! We've had pancakes--American pancakes--for dinner lately. LOL The kids love it!