Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Had to share. . .

Yesterday I received a 'hot off the press' copy of Tara's Gold from my editor. I didn't expect to be as excited as I was when I opened the package, but just because it's not my first book didn’t take away any of the thrill. My publisher did such a wonderful job on the cover and presentation. It simply looks beautiful. I even had to delve into the story last night and read over halfway through it.

I planned to share a photo, but it keeps coming out looking like a negetive, so I'll try later, but I did post my first newsletter today. Congradulations to Donna, Dawn, and Jeanie who each won copies of Tara's Gold. I'll be holding another drawing around August first for a free copy of Massachusetts Brides, so be sure and sign up here.

And if you missed the trailer, be sure and check it out here.

I'm hoping to journal our trip in the next few days through photos if we can manage the internet connection.

Blessings to each of you!


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  1. Weeeeee! How wonderful! That has got to be thrilling (I'll let you know if it ever happens to me. LOL)

    Love ya, girl!