Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Thank you!

I wanted to thank those of you who have been praying for last week's ministry trip into Mozambique. God showed us so clearly his faithfulness, love, and desire for all to come to know him. While nothing seemed to go as we had planned, God's power to bring good out of difficulties continues to amaze me.

I'm still waiting for Scott to get home so we can talk face to face about all that happened. The openness of the people, the over one hundred who showed up Friday night to watch the Jesus film in their language, the people who begged them to come share with their extended families, the bridges built at the hospital, the university, and within the government. I have no doubt that God will continue to bring good from this experience.

Please continue to pray for Bia and Gustavo as they follow up full time on the many lives who are being changed. Allen will be leaving in two weeks to spend some extended time there while Janelle is back in the states visiting her new grandbaby. Pray also for wisdom as we make decisions on how to best follow up in this work. The outcome far exceeded anything we ever imagined, but we firmly believe in the importance of solid discipleship for every new believer.

The group is currently enjoying a day of rest at Kruger Game park on their way to Joburg where they will fly out tomorrow. I've posted a short video of our last trip to Kruger that I thought you might enjoy.



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  1. Excellent my friend - you are an inspiration to me to get on my site and get cracking - how do you do it? Loved the KNP - brought back some good memories.

    Love to all at home.