Thursday, February 08, 2007


Since many of you have shared with me how cold it is in the states right now, I thought I'd share with you a few photos (slideshow below) of summertime in South Africa! We are hitting triple digits many afternoons, which is hot without air-conditioning, so we are very thankful for a swimming pool!

Speaking of hot, Scott's due back soon from Mozambique where it is even hotter than here. His work with the government to get us approved there has been very slow this week, but he's hoping to finish up today. Please pray that he has a safe trip home.

Summertime means track and swimming. Here's a blurb from this weeks school newsletter.

Sports Roundup: Good luck to Gabriel Harris and Samuel Varrie who will be competing in the Summer Games in Polokwane this weekend. Samuel and Gabriel were chosen to represent the Limpopo Province at this years Satellite Games.

We are quite proud of our little athlete!

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  1. I'm sitting here with cold toes, thinking I might appreciate a couple hours of your temps! Great pictures! The fruit looks awesome. So does that porch. Is that yours?

  2. Hi there. How I miss my town now that I see the fruit and flowers... It is good to be where God wants you to be - but sometimes it nice to be where your heart is. All in good time, and God time....Be blessed. Erika

  3. Hey Gabriel we are so impressed - WELL DONE.

    The slide show made me very nostalgic - perhaps a good thing I have not visited too often otherwise I may just get homesick. Although this morning driving to work was glorious - sun was shining, temperature was about 10 degrees and I am not having to wear tights or stockings - must be acclimatising. Berlin was freezing by comparison.

    Love you guys