Tuesday, February 20, 2007

The Big Move

First of all, here are a couple photos of our fun night last Friday. We had such a nice time.

Since so many have contacted me privately regarding our possible upcoming move, I thought I would elaborate a bit more. We are in the beginning states of seeing if it is feasible for us to make the move from Duiwelskloof into Tzaneen, a town about 15-20 minutes away. Tzaneen is where all three kids attend school, we attend church, and do all of our grocery and other shopping. Most afternoons are spent in Tzaneen as the kids attend various activities, so this move will make things much more convenient for all of us and cut out about an hour of driving a day!

So far, we’ve talked to a realtor friend who will determine what we can sell our house for and what we might be able to find in Tzaneen. We made a good investment in our current house, which is a blessing and should allow us to get what we need in a new place. We don’t have a time frame, so in a way it’s great to not be pressured, but we also don’t want to drag out the process. We are simply praying that everything goes through quickly and smoothly. That we will be able to sell for what we need and find something that will work for us in Tzaneen. I’ll post periodic updates regarding the situation here on my blog.

Please keep us in your prayers regarding this situation.



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