Monday, February 05, 2007

Happy Birthday and off to Mozambique

BIRTHDAY: Once again, I'm hopping online while our internet is up and running. I wanted to post a few photos of Mariah and her eighth birthday party. She invited six girls from her class and they had a tea party, swam, and made jewelry. It was a lot of fun and she really enjoyed the day.

TRAVELS: Scott left for Mozambique this morning to meet with some government officials. When working in a foreign country, it’s essential to register and jump through a lot of official hoops. Along with our work to start churches, we are also hosting another medical clinic this summer, so permission must be granted from the government for all of this. It shouldn’t be a problem to get everything done, but it does take time. Please pray that Scott accomplishes all he needs to get done in the next few days.




  1. Awesome pictures. I'd love to see pictures from the medical clinic this summer.

  2. Hi!
    I am just blog hopping and I came across yours. It is great to talk to someone so far away.
    How fun to have published books. Congrats on the new book and what beautiful cover. I enjoy writing and have joined a few writing groups here and there. Never had anything published except on the pages of our church bulletin. Not really so impressive since I MAKE THE BULLETINS. Ha Ha
    It is almost 10:00 at night and it is around 42 outside. Just a little tidbit from my life.
    Nice talking have a great day!

  3. Happy belated Birthday, Mariah! Wonderful pictures, Lisa--thanks again for sharing them with us.