Friday, December 29, 2006

The rains have come!

Rainy season is a mixed blessing in the midst of a hot summer. A storm hit yesterday and in the space of an hour dropped the outside temperature from the mid 80’s to about 69 degrees. It was wonderful. Of course once it passed and the sun came back out the temperature quickly began to rise again.

There are challenges as well. The power was off yesterday, and then there are the ever present leaks in our roof that require a run around the house with bowls and towels every time it rains. This morning the floor in our living room was soaked, but the air is fresh even if it is a bit humid. I love sitting outside and watching the valley spread out below us while the birds chatter in the trees.

The heavens do declare the glory of God!




  1. What a beautiful picture you paint! I miss you when the power's off. :-D Keep safe and dry!!

  2. Wish I could see it all, too. Sounds beautiful!