Wednesday, December 20, 2006

I’ve been attempting to post some photos from Mozambique for the past three days, but our Internet has been too slow. It’s working better today, so here’s a slide show of some of the scenery. I’ll plan to post some more in a day or two.

Driving down pot-hole filled roads, you pass sellers hawking pots, prawns, and fresh produce. Empty cement houses are everywhere, even through the thirty-year war ended almost fifteen years ago. Everything is rundown from the thatched roof compounds to the sky high apartment buildings in the rambling cities.

The people are friendly, moving slowly in the blistering heat as they gather water from wells, sell shoes and pineapples in the market, or pile coconuts in waiting trucks. Palm trees fill the horizon, stopping only at the deep blue ocean that’s filled with a fisherman’s livelihood.

Please pray for the people of Mozambique as we strive to be a light for Christ to them.


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  1. Wow--the pictures are just gorgeous!! And I love the ones of your kiddos playing on the ocean. How beautiful!! You and Scott are *such* a handsome couple.

    Love you!

  2. HI Lisa, my name is Laura, my friend Robin met you in Houston and sent me your book, which I look forward to reading on the plane. I have been in mozambique for eight years, working with iris ministries, in Zimpeto, just outside of Maputo. Where are you? How long have you been there? I've been on "furlough" too and fly home tomorrow! Blessings, Laura Anderson

  3. Hi Laura, thanks so much for stopping by! We have been in southern Africa since the beginning of 2004 and in Moz since early 2008. We're up in Inhambane. It's great connect with other living in Moz! I'm looking forward to visiting your blog and learning more about your ministry.

    And while we're not in Maputo often, maybe we will be able to meet up there some time. Blessings, Lisa