Saturday, December 16, 2006

Home again!

After about sixteen hours of travel, we’re home!

We had planned to stay in Maputo today for a wedding, but there was “no room in the inn.” So instead, our long day included stopping in two towns on the way home to visit with people, including the family of the bride where we were able to greet them and leave a gift. We felt that this was important as we strive to build relationships.

The only really exciting thing that happened before we left was related, once again, to the ever present heat. . .and bathrooms. I seem to have this thing with bathrooms, because I managed to lock myself into the bathroom of the place where we stayed. You have to understand that this is not the first time I have done this since we’ve lived in Africa, but the third! (And never my fault, of course!)

I was giving Jayden a bath and as we finished up, the door wouldn’t open. Scott was gone to get a part to fix the car before we left, so I hollered for Gabriel. After thirty minutes, sweat was pouring down my face in the unbelievable heat. (yes, later Scott asked me why I didn’t simply rinse off in the shower, but at the time I was too focused on getting out and forgot that I had a cold water source!)

Instead, I worked to find a way out and calm down Jayden who was convinced we were going to be locked in the small room forever. Every few minutes I would press my face up to the key hole toward the bedroom, where I’d been packing with the air-con on because of the heat, so I could feel the wisps of cold air against me. Thirty minutes later, I managed to unscrew the door handle, but it turned out to be a process that did nothing to further our escape. Next I worked on the window, a small hole about two or three feet above the toilet. Scott got back about the time I had unscrewed the handle and was hoisting Jayden through the narrow opening where Gabriel could grab him.

Even with Scott home, though, we were still unable to get the door open. I was going to have to somehow maneuver myself through the window and pray that I would fit. The kids offered to take pictures at this point, which I’m sure managed to propel me through the hole before they arrived back with the camera. After what must have been at least an hour from the time I first tried the locked door, I emerged outside the house.

Overall, our time in Mozambique was beneficial. Beside the much needed family time, Scott was able to take care of some needed work with the government and practiced a lot on his Portuguese. We also were able to develop some relationships. Unfortunately, we were not able to meet with Edwardo as planned, but we continue to pray that God will lead us to the right people.

Next year, we have a Portuguese couple coming who will be training under us and working for several months in the country. We also are making plans for an extended medical clinic next year with several Portuguese speaking people as well. God is good and we are excited to see where He leads us.

I’ve posted some photos below and will post some more next week as well.



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  1. Anonymous8:06 PM

    Oh my goodness. I won't tell you how hard I'm laughing over being stuck in the bathroom. Kids sure do get us motivated sometimes, don't they? *giggle*

    I'm really glad you're home safe and sound.