Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Summer Vacation?

On Facebook, it seems like half the posts I've been reading lately are about people's summer plans, sitting by the pool, and time off from school. What I'm most excited about this time of year isn't vacation plans, but the fact that winter is finally here. (It was actually cold yesterday!) But as for vacation. . .well instead of slowing down for summer, our schedules actually speed up as our yearly short-term groups begin arriving.

We try to coordinate each groups activities to go along with what we are already doing so that they complement our work. This year, we are looking forward heading up a couple large projects with teams from the USA, Brazil, and South Africa.

  • A water well will be put in in Magola, one of the villages we work at. Currently, the women have to walk well over a mile each way to get water. A team from Katy, Texas has raised the money for this project. They will be doing dramas and activities in the village for three days, then spend three days in town working with contacts at one of our local high schools. They will also spend time with our ladies class on Saturday.
  • Our fourth annual English camp will be led by a team from Houston, Texas. This has been a very important part of us reaching out to new students every year.
  • A team from Brazil is planning to join us for English camp and other ministry, using their Portuguese.  
  • A team from South Africa will be working at the same local high school as the Katy team. They will be continuing the stories and teaching, along with helping to set up a vegetable tunnel, and visiting the children's ward at the hospital and orphanage.

We are extremely blessed by those who are taking the time to come and be a part of the lives of the people here through teaching and encouraging!

Below, I've posted some photos taken over the weekend of our women's class and a drama that was put on by some of the students at our Sunday afternoon church at David's house.

Be blessed!

Mariah and Abby help teach English

Filo and I working on both English (for her) and Portuguese (for me).

Inge working on Portuguese and teaching English. After our language exchange classes we have Bible study.

Four of the Christians presented a drama dealing with the pull between following God and the world.

Scott often uses the audience to help teach a point. The guys had fun with this one.

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