Monday, June 04, 2012

Water Well in Magola

Our first short-term group of the year lands tomorrow, so we're looking forward to ministering with the group from Katy, Texas. One of the projects they raised money for this year was a water well that is being drilled in Magola right now. Last year we shared about the need for water for those who have to walk 3 kilometers or about a mile and a half one way. (You can watch that video "How far would you walk for water?" here.)

When Scott called me this morning from the village, the drillers had arrived, and I could hear people singing in the background. They are so excited and this will be such a blessing for them. The drillers hit water today, so it won't belong until they have their own source of water!

I'll be sharing more about the water project along with some of the other things that are happening with our short term teams in the coming days and weeks.

Be blessed!


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