Friday, May 18, 2012

How you know you are in Africa

I saw a list in a missionary's newsletter recently, about things that make you know you're in Africa. It's been fun for me to see our world through the eyes of my mom and niece who are visiting for the first time. Here are some of their observations--with a couple of mine thrown in as well--along with some photos that, to me, represent the beauty of Africa. 

You know you're in Africa when. . .

-you see a goat tied onto the top of a vehicle.

-you see women walking down the road carrying live chickens.

-there are more people on the road than cars.

-kids chase your vehicle and try to jump on.

-people are selling things--everything from cashews to phone chargers--on the side of the road.

-we are the minority.

-there are palm trees everywhere. Lots and lots of palm trees. 

-we see oxen pulling carts on the side of the road.

-we see goats--everywhere.

-the houses are made from different building materials.

-the money is different & you can't figure out the exchange rate (is that why things seem so expensive?)

-there are lots of pot-holed roads.

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You never know who you might run into!


  1. reminds me of India...thanks for the interesting post. BTW, I'm very behind on my readings, but looking forward to reading your book and reviewing it.

  2. Thanks so much for stopping by, Holly! Look forward to hearing your thoughts on my book.